Nascar Racing Season 2003/Papyrus

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Nascar Racing Season 2003/Papyrus

Post by Horseman »

Any chance of seeing a lobby room for this game?

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Re: Nascar Racing Season 2003/Papyrus

Post by CanEh »

I've never seen it, and its clearly not one of the directx playable games since it was made in 2003 (or at least I am going to presume that anyway).

Putting it in google, and finding a wiki page about it seems to indicate that it could be possible, however I would need more information. If you, as a person on your own computer, can go into the menu system and host a game that others can play, maybe... If you need to connect to a dedicated server someplace then chances are a lot less.

Some of these games can work on command line paramaters, which is a way of running the program with commands at the start. An example of this would be like appending options to the command line in a shortcut such as "gamename.exe -host:myip -mapname:whatever" or similar ways. We used to run a lobby for the FlatOut game in a similar manner, and it would go out and connect into the gamespy (I think) servers for it, open up a game table there, and password it so only those in the lobby table could enter it.

I need more information, since I don't have the game...
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