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Post by SAF_Bad_Toad »

Is there any chance Combat Flight Sim 3 can work in this type of server ... it would really be nice
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Re: CFS 3

Post by CanEh »

To be honest, I have attempted to create this item before. The current client configuration actually has existing options defined in it for a CFS3 lobby, complete with a mission selection box that parses out the xml files on your system for the games, and a seperate heading section in the grid display to show the mission selected by the host.

The big problem is that its not a "dplayable" game but it does have command line options that allow the mission, folder, host, joining etc... things to be set. Where we got stuck at last time was knowing *exactly* what those command line options are, and the order they need to be specified in.

Command line options are... those things that you would put into say, a shortcut file, that get appended to starting the game. We have been able to get the game to launch, and to go into the mission selected. But only in single player mode. If you or someone you know can figure out exactly what is needed for those commands to add to start the game, I would be more than happy to try again.
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