IL Sturmovik 1946

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IL Sturmovik 1946

Post by VF103_Moo »

The rumor mill is churning and word has it that the main lobby for flying IL2 online (hyperlobby) is shutting its doors for good. Ubisoft closed their multiplayer area for IL2 after the 3rd Party Hyperlobby became more popular, averaging over 2000 people a day.

Would it be possible to look into maybe adding IL2 Sturmovik 1946 to the lobby list?

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Re: IL Sturmovik 1946

Post by Rider »

Hi, welcome to the community. The game may well be compatable with the reverb client. If you are able to supply Reverb with the GUID then the game will surely run. You can find the GUID by going to:

Typing : Dxdiag into the box and clicking OK.

Then proceed to the network tab and there should be a list of Registered Directplay Applications stating there name and GUID.
If this is so you can paste the GUID into a forum post and Reverb then can add a lobby.

Also please state the name of the .exe to launch from. (example ilsturmovik1946.exe)

Although it all depends on what connection the game uses online to connect through people so it might not be stated in the network tab. I'm sure Caneh will elaborate. - Download the games for free now! Play them @ now!
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