What does it take to add in a new game?

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What does it take to add in a new game?

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Our lobby system, from the CDROM side of things, can usually run games in one of two ways. We base what we do on the program being "dplayable" (which comes from the direct play side of things) or by using "command line parameters" (which are extras passed onto the game EXE at launch time).

Vista users are kinda screwed in doing this since Microsoft in its lack of wisdom, has removed seeing these things and I honestly don't know if there is an alternative to finding them... however with that being said, you can run a program called "dxdiag" (direct x diagnostics). When you do that, there is a "Networking" tab, and in that tab is a list of the "dplayable" games that you have installed on your system. If the game shows up IN that tab, then chances are we can run it here. All we need is the GUID value of the game, and the EXE name that the game runs.

The second option in using command line paramaters is a bit more complex. Sometimes the game manufacturer will give that information within their help files... and sometimes you need to search the internet to see if those types of options are supported. But basically the idea goes like this:

gamename.exe /host /ip:123.456.789.0 /pw=test /options=whatever

Those slash commands are parameters that you can pass into the EXE before it runs, which will setup additional values in the game. Now, those are just *samples* of course. Games that support this type of option will have varying parms possible. Usually there is something that specifies that you are hosting or joining, what the IP address is of the host (because others must have that in order to connect to you) and various other possible options could also exist.

Hopefully this will explain what the requirements are for the CDROM based lobbies.