Crimson Skies Back Again

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Crimson Skies Back Again

Post by nogard56 »

I played this game when it first came out and then for many years enjoyed the game.
After upgrades and such, as many say, it failed to run.
But now it is rocking because of this site and people who still love it.
I am on a 32 inch flat LED tv and an Xp rig I put together with some collected hardware and it runs sweet as ever.
It is like never before on this big screen and I am going through the story all over again.
Thanks for this site and the peeps involvement to keep CS going.
Best regards,
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Re: Crimson Skies Back Again

Post by NathanZachary »

Welcome, nogard56
if your looking for online Crimson Skies Match your best bet join us on our Teamspeak3 server address is no password needed. i keep asking the guys to leave there nick's in the lobby, but .... boys will be boys
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