Hi Caneh or FDB

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Hi Caneh or FDB

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Hey Caneh or FBD, Raven didnt get a clean slate and fucked up. He had 2 strikes from the previous time before mcg had issues with race slang words. I feel as MCG has been pretty good lately, you could kindly overlook it. As Raven is not a bad fella.

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Re: Hi Caneh or FDB

Post by CanEh »

There is no "alert" to anyone, when the racial count limits are exceeded. As was stated way back, no one will be in any hurry to do anything. And most certainly, nothing will ever happen until the person affected approaches the OWNER of this site. Should that person ever get around to doing that, then perhaps Dave *might* ask me to look over the logs. Should he get around to doing that, then I will supply him with the information he wants. Until then, the matter is of no concern to me. I am only a programmer and support person. They need to speak to the owner.

By the way, just as a quick edit...to say that he did not get his "clean slate", is a lie... ALL accounts that are allowed in, were cleared.
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