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Re: activation links not working

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I am not sure why, but for some reason or another the email system has encountered a hiccup... It has something to do with a email protocol that has been updated in the Specs for the internet that we were not aware of.

I have (probably temporarily) "fixed" the problem, but more work could still be needed. I am working with the organization responsible to tracking these issues, but it is not only time consuming on my end but also very frustrating. Since I no longer control the domain registration values, I no longer have access to the MX record system and I have to get Dave (the new owner) to check some things. And part of the frustration in that area, is we are 7 hours time difference from each other.

With that said, there are maybe 9 or 10 registrations in the "waiting to be verified" side of the system and I have just sent out "reminder" emails with the required activation link... please once again, check your emails and junk folders.

It may take a few days to make sure all of our system changes are done correctly. Sorry for the hassles...
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