Welcome to Reverb Gaming

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Welcome to Reverb Gaming

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Reverb Gaming is the new name of "SlideGamers", and we have brought back the operations of our CDROM lobby system. For the most part, this INTERIM RELEASE of our original lobby system will have the same look and feel that you have been used to, with a few minor enhancements to support some additional "theatre type" lobby operations where general chat... and the ability to play "Trivia"... will be supported.

We have released this interim step by request, as we build and create a completely new design. Our new system will support such features as full friends support, chat-windows to replace PM's, a single login which can access multiple nics, plus additional features that will enable future development support for other types of games.

In order to gain access to download the interim client release, you must register in the forums. You will also be required to confirm your registration by responding to the e-mail confirmation request.

Please make sure that you check your Junk Folder in your email program. Until you do respond, you will NOT have access to the forum where the client program download is at.

Registered users will then have access to the non-public forums, for both discussions and access to the client.

Our philosophy is pretty simple... we are here to have fun, and we want you to have fun as well. For the most part, you will not find staff members running around in the lobbies looking to smack you upside the head for being an idiot. But do note, this does NOT mean that you have a free reign to spout endless profanity and be obnoxious to the other users of the system. Push comes to shove, we will take action that I am sure will most certainly not impress you... This simple rule also applies to forum posts.

If you are looking to be rude then no offense but please go someplace else. :shock: :mrgreen:
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