Gaming Lobby Rules

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Gaming Lobby Rules

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Reverb Gaming is the new "version" of the SlideGamers CDROM lobby system. For those who have used our CDROM based lobbies, the rules have been extremely lax. You are for the most part, free to say and act as you want providing you keep it within reason.

Regardless of the lobby area you are in, some forms of language will not be tolerated. Racial slurs are NOT allowed. Comments about "I'm going to .... your mama" or whatever (I'm sure you are smart enough to get the drift)... are NOT allowed. Chat priviledges can and WILL be taken away, and continued breaches of these rules can and WILL result in your account being banned.

While we like to allow you as much room to speak your mind as possible, when you start upsetting other players, action WILL be taken.

CDROM based games are normally more... violent... in nature, and have a lot of game talk that is associated with the game itself. Profanity is quite common, as the reactive side of doing battle with others tends to bring out the worst in people at times, plus the games are very much action and speed based, where "pings" can carry a great deal of weight on how the game is played and the outcome of the battles.

With that said, BE WARNED THAT THIS TYPE OF LANGUAGE AND ATTITUDE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in the new card and board and drawing based lobbies that are coming online. We do realize that the heat of playing these types of games is completely different than CDROM based games. And tempers will flair from time to time and there will likely be a small amount of profanity in these lobbies. The software has been designed in such a manner that the randomization of the deck is indeed "random", and the ability to cheat and hack has been eliminated. Unless someone is sitting over your shoulder, it is impossible for one person to know the cards that another person has.

The server side rules are very strict in this area, and the server code will not allow attempts to hack or send in conflicting information. Those who try to do this, will have their connection to the lobby terminated, along with a log of the attempt. People who try to cheat, will ultimately end up being banned if they persist in their ways.